Are You a HERO?

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Who Are We?

Have You ever wanted to be a Hero when you where a kid? When I was growing up I always wanted to be a Super Hero, but there was nothing SUPER about me. Yet today, that does not stop me from being a Hero and you could be one too, here's how. Let's start from the beginning and be transparent about us and other retail companies.

We are a real retail site that sells items to its customers. We are a project website created as a proof of concept. Our students train at our nonprofit Education / Coaching classes by The Poor 2 Glee Foundation (P2G Found). Having said that, We donate 50% of our net proceeds* is donated to a Bully Breed Dog Rescue / No Kill Shelters. But where other companies will use the remainder of their profits to pay their staff hefty salaries. We are owned and created by a nonprofit. This means that we have no profit to pay high salaries or bonuses.

The Poor 2 Glee Foundation

Instead the remainder balance goes to our parent company P2G Found that go to help teach youth and adults financial education. We train How to Create a Business and to Invest the profits in Stocks and Real Estate to Build Wealth.

Our youth will get a grant starting at $1,000 when they graduate from our program. These funds are to help give them with the start up capital for their business, investment portfolio, or to pay for college. Those grants and come from the remaining net proceeds. We stand by our "HERO" statement. You can be a TRUE HERO, to K9 and human kind alike.

Better than a Luvabella Doll

You will Feel Great wearing our items and With Every Purchase on our site You Become a HERO for a Day! Heck, You will enjoy how our products make you feel more than buying a Luvabella Doll for your kid.

We also Train Our Students Affiliate Marketing

Just as you will see in this blog post we will train our students in Blogging, Online Marketing, eCommerce, seo, affiliate marketing (for more information on our programs
click here)
, ect.

*After subtracting product and shipping cost

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